Smart Whitening

Smart Whitening

Improve and protect your smile in the right environment

In order to achieve optimum results in the shortest amount of time, we propose  a specific Whitening procedure, which requires 2-3 sessions in our dental office and makes use of certified materials that are much more effective and safe for your dental health.

This procedure offers the best possible outcome due to the following reasons:

Formulations used

are much more effective compared to the ones at home and some of them can become even more powerful if we employ  plasma, laser or led devices.

The working environment is ideal

since we can efficiently control mouth humidity and obtain clean dental surfaces

We pay special attention to gums

and protect all the sensitive parts of mouth and teeth ( periodontal teeth, cracks, fillings etc). Therefore, the whole procedure becomes  as much painless as possible.

The process is faster

and the days you need to avoid food that cause stains and discolor are definitely less.

Smart whitening results after 3 sessions (case 1: before and after treatment)

Smart whitening results after 2 sessions (case 2: before and after treatment)

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