Innovative Method of Implant Treatment

Innovative Implant Treatment

Stable teeth in 6-8 hours after the placement of the implants on the SAME DAY

In our dental center we use modern, innovative and scientifically approved methods for the placement and prosthetic rehabilitation of implants. Our team, which is composed by skillful and experienced partners, convert the implant treatment to a simple, quick and painless procedure.

Our main goal is to avoid long lasting and complicated procedures that offer discomfort and high cost for the patient, and to produce an aethitically excellent result, quickly and painlessly.

Therefore, depending on the patient’s needs and traits, we aim at:

IMMEDIATE planting

Direct implant placement just after teeth extraction


Temporary prosthetic restoration on the same day!
In simple cases (single implant), the final prosthetic restoration can be placed within 24 to 48 hours


for their easy removal, when necessary (for inspection, cleaning, repair or changes at work).

GRAFT avoidance

where possible, using a specific implant type.

Use of FIXED prostheses

either temporary or permanent.

Use of factory fabricated components

(multi units, passive abutments, zirconia abutments)  for perfect and passive fit to the platform of implants , as well as better oral hygiene and longer lifespan of our work.

Teeth extraction – Immediate planting & loading – Temporal teeth on the same day – Permanent prosthesis in 10 days

Extraction – Immediate planting  – Immediate loading with permanent ZR crown in 8 hours

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