The modern and safest method of restoring your teeth.

Dental implants are employed when we need to restore natural teeth that have been lost.  The implants are made of titanium and can be placed inside the jaw bone, where the natural roots of the missing teeth used to be. On top of this, the dentist creates and installs the appropriate prosthesis.

Their big advantage over the conventional fixed prosthetic works (bridges) is that you do not need to touch any adjacent teeth. In the event you have unilateral or bilateral edentulous, i.e. lack of the last tooth in the upper or lower jaw, enable us to avoid the placement of mobile restorations.

Before placing the implants should be taken thorough medical and dental history, becoming radiographic examination (sometimes needed and CT) and to make the necessary medical tests where necessary.

When done right choice of the case which will be placed implants success rate exceeding 98% according to recent research.

Innovative Implant treatment method

Temporary prosthetic restoration in 6-8 hours and final prosthetic restoration in 7 days
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Samples of our dental work

(Each image represents a different case)

Full mouth restoration on 12 Implants

Full mouth Rehabilitation on 10 Implants

Full mouth Rehabilitation on 8 Implants (ALL ON 4)

Rehabilitation in one Jaw

Complex cases

Implant Bridge

Single Implants