For more detailed information you can always call us or book an introductory appointment.

Q:  How long is the first appointment?

A:  It may vary, but generally speaking, the first appointment will be merely a consulting one. Our dentists will be checking the overall state of your oral health. Then a dentist will provide recommendations on any further dental treatment you might need.

Q:  Is there something I should know regarding treatment costs?

A:  What you should know is that we strive to maintain our services at the highest possible level. We make use of the most advanced materials and state of the art equipment, while we stay informed about the latest advancements and methods in dentistry.

Having said this, we try to keep our prices at reasonable levels and offer payment by credit or debit cards.

Q:  Can I get answers to any dental problem I might have in your dental clinic?

A:   Our center is a modern clinical complex built on the “all-in-one” concept. All types of medical assistance needed to maintain dental health and diagnostics, are “under one roof”, so the patient may get them in the same building or very close, not wasting time on hiking to the polyclinics.

Comfortable conditions, an individual approach, friendly staff and a team of professionals of every area of dentistry expertise is always ready to help.


Q:   At what age should I start taking my child to see the dentist?

A:    Our doctors recommend you start taking kids as young as 5 years old to a regular dental healthcare checkup.