Digital smile design


How would you could you’d see on a computer screen your new smile, before proceeding to the necessary dental work?

Our smile affects our confidence, contact and communication with the world around us. Even a small problem can limit a spontaneous laugh or smile in a photograph.

Dentistry today has the means to correct imperfections or even to build from scratch a smile. To do this, we must first analyze the existing situation and then design the desired result.

The protocol we follow is:

  • Recording of initial condition of the patient – photos, video capture, impressions (classic or digital)
  • Discussion to understand the aesthetic and functional needs of the patient  
  • Digital Smile Design – we design digitally the changes we want to do and we give the possibility to the patient to see on the computer display these changes in his face  
  • Diagnostic simulation of the desired changes directly in the patient’s mouth (Mock up) with temporary materials      
  • New photos and videos                                                                                      

Following all these steps the final result is totally predictable and all that remains is to choose the material for our final restoration.

In our dental center our doctors and some of their associates are certified members of the world community     Digital Smile Design – DSD